Ever since I can remember I have always been moving. Even before that, for sure. :-). I have been regularly exercising for many years. Previously I played different types of sports at a competitive level, I still play nowadays as a hobby.
Basically I cannot imagine life without moving. There was a time when I intentionally tried to avoid any practice but you cannot oppress the body and soul: what is written there better to be allowed to surface.

After graduating from the university of economics, many years ago, I started to search for schools and courses where I could get qualifications to help me to organize and share all the knowledge and experiences I had been accumulating. I became a qualified body building and fitness trainer on TFTI, then personal trainer and I have been deepening my understanding of the art of pilates as a Peak Pilates trainer for many years now.
About Peak Pilates: there are many-many pilates schools, Peak Pilates follows the classical method, which means that the knowledge and exercises elaborated by Joseph Pilates are spread and developed further.

I work not only on my body but on my mind and soul as well. I have been consciously exploring myself for several years, entering the never-ending path of self awareness. I am convinced that body, mind and soul are linked and influence each other. If we turn to one of the three, pay attention to it, care for it, the other two will change as well. Beautiful soul, correct posture, harmonious movement, clear mind, all of these are interconnected. Work on them!

The correctly selected movement can heal. It is good for your body and for your soul.
If you feel I can help you, do not hesitate to contact me on or outside my classes.

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